Maggie Adams, Songwriter



I was born in Stirling, Scotland, but have lived most of my adult life in the beautiful historic city of York, where I now regard as home. I previously worked in retail management for many years.


I began writing songs in 2006 and was introduced to Mark Pierce, owner of Revelator, in February 2010. Since then, Mark has produced all of my songs and become one of my closest friends. He enticed me out of my own bubble, and has encouraged me to follow my passion.

Mark Pierce

I am never not working on a song. As soon as I send one in for production, another starts simmering in my brain. But I like it that way, so long may it continue!

Best wishes and thanks for visiting my website.

Maggie x



Session Vocalists & Musicians

Mark Pierce   Hannah Blake   

Ben Trigg

Sarah Atkin   Pablo Jones   

Helena Johnson

Mark Gilroy   Julie Dorgan  

Richard Kay

Jack Alan  Rachel Martin   

Chloe Anna

Ed Osborne   Jo Wherry   

Danny Friel

Nigel Smith   Steve Gilmour

Steve Dylan


'My days begin and end with music and for that I am truly grateful.'